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After 30 years of running radio stations nationwide, I had my share of interviewing recent graduates who had no clue on what they wanted in their life or how to adapt to the real world.

I wrote a book called, Now What? (Real-World Advice for Graduates) which deals with writing down goals, how to look for a job, how to interview and answer tough questions, negotiating marriage, children, investing, and risk-taking.

I have a speech geared to Colleges and High School students with the advice I wish I had before I graduated. This book is also good for people in between jobs as well as real-world stories that are relatable to everyone.


Customize Speech

I can customize a talk for new graduates, people looking for new opportunities, leadership, startups and turnarounds, How to handle objections, and how to embrace change! I gave speeches on Advice to Graduates Entering the Real World, Leadership and Embracing Change.

Small Business Consultant

I can customize a presentation that fits your company's needs and can do a complete evaluation of your radio station or stations from top to bottom! Solving problems and simplifying business decisions to develop your organization is a crucial part that I can help you with.

Sales Consultant

Selling begins with the word no! I hate when people say, "I can't sell or don't like sales." In life, you are always selling. I can assist your company with reviewing, evaluating, or completely re-writing your strategy and build the process that will support indefinite sales success.

Warwick's Book Event

Bob was recently featured on Warwick's Facebook live to discuss his book. Located in the Village of La Jolla, Warwick’s is the country’s oldest continuously family-owned and operated bookstore. Beyond books, Warwick’s proudly hosts regular events and offers a wide variety of gifts.

Bob Appeared On


"Are you looking for someone who can motivate, educate and entertain your audience…Bob Visotcky is your man! His ability to talk on serious subjects and still make it fun is truly his niche. Your audience will connect with and LOVE Bob! He is genuine and fun! Bob can mix his fun and comedic personality with inspiring and applicable leadership messages for your audience to learn from. The messages that he will share are not only to develop your audience as better leaders but to develop them personally to be the best they can be! On the radio, promotions and marketing side of the business you will not find a better person to train your team or be your leader! Bob is the best of the best!"

Amy Ditto

"Bob was an amazing boss and still a great friend. He believes in motivating and lifting people up to achieve their highest potential. His brain is like an idea bank, full of ‘Out of the Box’ insights to make anyone or company successful. It was an honor working and learning from him."

Bobbie Spry

"Bob hired me and my show from San Jose and put is In San Francisco in 1995. We quickly went to #1 and the station was bought and sold several times because of the staff Bob put together there. His passion enthusiam and GOLF GAME were the highlight of working with him.

So many memories and a friend to this day."

Sales Consultant

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My book will give you a game plan on how to find a job, negotiating a salary, tons of life lessons, leadership tips, goal setting, real-life stories, and situations from my 35 years in the media industry nationwide. I also invented, "The Listinglight," a night light for real estate signs which was sold in 7 different countries and I explain what I did right and wrong.

Your Next Motivational Speaker

Bob shares how he helps with real-world advice and brings value to young graduates.

The book was featured on WCHS-TV Now What? Real-World Advice for Graduates!

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We're giving away a game plan on how to find a job, negotiating a salary, tons of life lessons, leadership tips, goal setting, real-life stories, and situations from my 35 years in the media industry nationwide!

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