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Bob Visotcky

Bob worked in the Media industry for over 30 years and has started-up and turned-around many radio stations and radio clusters nationwide. He has worked in 6 of the top ten radio markets, including Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, and Cleveland. He also worked for two major newspapers and rebuilt and sold the Padres Radio Network for The Mighty 1090 in San Diego.

In 2006 Bob invented and sold the first night light for real estate signs called the Listinglight. The Listinglight was featured on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Your Business on NBC-TV with JJ Ramberg, and Pitchmen with Billy Mays and Andrew Sullivan.

Most recently Bob is a published author of his latest book called Now What? (Real World Advice for Graduates). Bob speaks at colleges and Universities and gives them the advice they will need to navigate through the real world from goal setting, job search, negotiation, dress, networking, mentors, investing, and basically to ask the question, “If money and resources were no object, what do you want out of your life?”

Bob speaks on three topics (Now What?) for Colleges and Universities, Effective Leadership(Corporations) and Start-Ups and Turn-Around Strategies.


Transitioning Into the Real World

• Goal setting

• Job search techniques

• Interview prep

• Investing tips

• How to answer tough questions

• Life lessons

Effective Leadership

• Team building

• Innovation

• Risk taking

• Lead don’t manage

• Decisive decision making

• Evaluating your current staff

Business Consultant

• I’ll tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear

• Startups and turnarounds

• Sales trainer

• Total business evaluation

• Recruiting, Training and Recruiting talent


Transitioning Into the Real World

Bob gives students the advice they’ll need to navigate through the rollercoaster of life and how to navigate through the tough times. He shares life lessons he has learned over the years, real life stories that can apply to everyone, goal setting, job search, interview techniques, negotiating, networking strategies, raising a family, always maintaining a positive attitude and a lot more. His book, Now What? (Real World Advice for Graduates) is a journey through life and a great read for any age.

Effective Leadership

If you want the keys to be an effective, successful leader, Bob will give you all his tips he learned during his 30+ years in executive media management. Bob inspires his people to maximize their potential, he creates a family atmosphere at all the radio stations he ran and showed compassion to his people, his listeners, and his advertisers. Relationships will never go out of style, and he has created hundreds if not thousands during his career in radio, print, TV, and Digital. Bob will point out most mistakes managers make and show easy fixes.

Start-ups and Turnarounds Strategies

In 2006 Bob asked the question why real estate signs weren’t lit up at night, so he did his research and created the Listinglight which was Realtor’s Magazine top tech invention in 2007.

As far as startups go, ask yourself what hole are you trying to fill in the marketplace? What is missing that needs to be invented, test your product before you go to market, what price will the market bare, distribution channels, don’t market until everything is perfect. Bob takes you on a journey from concept to marketplace and believe me, you’ll make a lot of mistakes if you don’t take his advice.

Turnarounds are basically figuring out what isn’t working and then fixing it. It sounds simple and can be, but you must be able to take bold steps and figure out what your customers like, not what you like. Flexibility is crucial, timely decisions, people moves etc. Bob tells a story on how he turned around a radio station in San Francisco and defeated his competitor in eighteen months! His competitor couldn’t beat him, so they bought him!

Warwick’s Bookstore Facebook Live Podcast/La Jolla California

The Warwick Bookstore is legendary! It’s the oldest continuously family-owned and operated bookstore. See Bob answer questions about his new book, Now What? (real World Advice for Graduates).

Bob Appeared On


“I know of few individuals with Bob's energy and focus on success. He demonstrated this singular resolve in San Francisco when he prevailed in a fiercely competitive battle with a much larger opponent. Outgunned and outspent, Bob's rifle-shot product positioning and marketing made him the giant killer. The ultimate compliment? They couldn't beat him, so they had to buy him.”

William Weller

Executive Vice President/COO, Crescent Communications Corp.

"Bob is a difference-maker. He does that by being a true leader rather than just a manager. His high energy style and passion are infectious as he inspires those around him to exceed expectations. As an accomplished traditional and digital media strategist, he understands how to connect audiences with advertisers and deliver integrated multi-platform solutions and ROI for his clients. In addition, his extensive experience in radio, TV, digital, mobile and events gives him unique insight into the competitive media landscape."

Mike Glickenhaus

Senior Management Executive with 20+ Years of Success in Digital & Traditional Media

"Are you looking for someone who can motivate, educate and entertain your audience…Bob Visotcky is your man! His ability to talk on serious subjects and still make it fun is truly his niche. Your audience will connect with and LOVE Bob! He is genuine and fun! Bob can mix his fun and comedic personality with inspiring and applicable leadership messages for your audience to learn from. The messages that he will share are not only to develop your audience as better leaders but to develop them personally to be the best they can be! On the radio, promotions, and marketing side of the business, you will not find a better person to train your team or be your leader! Bob is the best of the best!"

Amy Ditto

You Can Buy My Book On Amazon

Bob’s newly released book, Now What? (Real World Advice for Graduates), will give you a game plan on how to find a job, negotiate a salary, how to answer difficult interviewer questions, tons of life lessons, leadership tips, goal setting, raising a family. It’s a book that all ages can enjoy but is targeted to anyone entering the real world or in a job transition.

Bob Gives A Virtual Commencement Speech To All Graduates of 2020

Bob shares how he helps with real-world advice and brings value to young graduates.

The book was featured on WCHS-TV, Now What? Real-World Advice for Graduates!

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We're giving away a game plan on how to find a job, negotiating a salary, tons of life lessons, leadership tips, goal setting, real-life stories, and situations from his 35 years in the media industry nationwide!

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